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    • LS Inverter 4 Kw
      LS Inverter 4 Kw
      Rp 5,000,000
      • LS Inverter : SV110iG5A-4
        LS Inverter : SV110iG5A-4
        Rp 14,142,000
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            LS Inverter 4 Kw

            Rp 5,000,000

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            Deskripsi singkat

            Dimensi:  140mm Lebar x 155mm Deep x 128mm Tinggi.
            Berat:  1.89Kg

            Overload:  150% x 60 seconds.
            Speed Control Range:  0-400Hz.
            Braking:  30% Continuous or 100% part time to 130 Ohm minimum external resistor (not supplied) .  See the Resistor options linked below or use the 'Which Resistor' button on this page.

            Features:  Integrated keypad, 2 x Analogue Inputs (one 0/10V one 4/20mA), 8 Digital Inputs, 1 x Analogue Output, 1 x Digital Output, 1 x Relay Contact set.
            Programmable from a PC via 'Drive View'.
            EMC Filters:  None. See linked products below for external footprint EMC Filter Module.

            Input Current:  11.9A.
            Input Voltage:  380-480V three phase +10%, -15% at 50/60Hz ±5%.

            Mounting:  Cubicle mount via 3 x 4.5mm diameter mountings at rear.
            Ambient:  Rated at 40C.
            Ventilation space above and below:  100mm.
            Ventilation space at sides:  50mm.

            Part number:  SV040iG5A-4

            Alternativly use with two phase input at 40% de-rating for motor control, to replace a capacitor based phase converter supply.

            Berat:1000 Gram
            Dimensi Barang:Panjang 7 cm X Lebar 7 cm X Tinggi 25 cm, Volume: 204 gram

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